Friday, December 11, 2009

The little one's quilts

Car quilt for Jackson.
This project was started by my Mom. She decided to make a race car quilt for her great grandson and it turned out just great.                                                    

Girlie girl quilt for Eden

 I thought I would help to keep things fair by also making a "girlie" quilt for his sister, my grand niece.
through this quilt I realized if I was making this quilt to, as I said, keep things fair, I had better plan on sewing for quite a while. I have another niece with four little girls. Yep, that's 5 quilts. And here they are!

"Lady Bugs" for Anna Benja and "In my garden" for Isabella

These are the flannel quilts for the twins. Each one is a variation of "Honey Bee" theme.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October in Northern Illinois can be rainy, sunny, chilly or warm; all in the same weekend. From Tennessee, Oklahoma, Southern California, Nevada and Illinois, we all converged on the grounds of Kishauwau on the Vermillion for a family reunion, of sorts. Our families used 7 of the cabins but there is always that one central meeting place where we all would end up for meals and the wonderful campfire starting each afternoon and continuing into the night.
I had forgotten the calming effect of a dark sky filled with stars and the crackling fire that warms you through and through.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the beginning.................

I've decided to try my hand at sharing with you, so be patient with me while I learn.

This is my Beanie. He has been the love of my life for the past five and a half years. If you do not recognize his breed, he is a smooth, black and tan, dappled dachshund. He has had two back surgeries in the last two years and has a bit of a limp to show for it. But, you know, that has not
hampered him in anyway from loving the game of fetch.